Favourite Horse Movies

Favourite Horse Movies

Whether you’re a child or an adult, we all have those favourite horse movies that make an impact and we remember for years to come. For today’s blog post we thought we’d select 10 horse films that have stood the test of time over the years! Which ones do you remember?

The Man From Snowy River,horse movie

The Man From Snowy River

Australian film based on the extremely well-known poem by Banjo Patterson. It is centered around a station-hand named Jim who tries to prove his worth to the owner by chasing a mob of Brumbies over the countryside.



daydreambeliever,horse movie

Daydream Believer

Another Australian film about a woman who can telepathically communicate with horses and find out what they’re thinking and feeling. She uses this talent to help a man struggling to keep his breeding farm going.

seabiscuit, horse movie, horse


Originally written as a book, and then turned into a film. Seabiscuit is set during the US Great Depression and centers around 3 men and their horse who are trying to make it big on the racing circuit. Starting as the underdog, the horse goes on to have great success on the field and in the media.

Phar Lap,horse movie,

Phar Lap

Another racing movie, Phar Lap tells the story of the famous “Red Terror” and his strapper Tommy Woodcock. They dominated the racetrack in the 1930s and suspiciously died in the USA in 1932. With many attempts to stop him racing back in the day, it remains a mystery to this day what happened.

National Velvet,horse movie,horse

National Velvet

Tells the story of a 12-year-old  girl named Velvet, who wins a horse in a raffle and wants to train him for a race called the Grand National. After issues with the jockey, Velvet pretends to be a boy and rides The Pie in the race, and wins. She is found out at the end of the race. This causes her to be flooded with offers to ride, and she turns them all down to live a normal life with her horse.

the horse whisperer, horse movie,

The Horse Whisperer

Based on a book, The Horse Whisperer tells the story of a horse trainer with a gift for understanding horses, who is asked to help a girl named Grace and her horse Pilgrim back to health physically and mentally, following a riding accident where their friends were killed.

black beauty, horse transport, horse movie

Black Beauty

There have been many adaptations and version of the story of Black Beauty, which is based on the novel. Most versions tell the story of the life of a horse named Back Beauty from his perspective, and the good and bad experiences he has during his life in the 1940s.

flicka, horse movie, horse transport,


Another novel-based story, with many differences. The original book is about a wild mare named Flicka who is tamed by a boy. The movie adaptation centres around a wild horse who is captured and bonds with a girl. This is because they’re both seen as “misfits” to friends and family.

The Silver Brumby,russell crowe, horse movie,

The Silver Brumby

The true story a mother tells her daughter about the prince of the Brumbies in the mountains where they live. He must find his rightful place amongst his kind to become the leader of the wild horses.  The main survival factor for the Silver Brumby is avoiding being captured by “The Man” who desperately wants to have him for himself.




Racing Stripes, horse movie

Racing Stripes

Tells the story of Stripes, a zebra who is accidentally abandoned by the circus and raised on a farm next to a racing track. He grows up believing he’s a racehorse and is eventually taken onto the track. Naturally, he wins with the daughter of the farm owner as his jockey.

We hope you have enjoyed our rundown of some of the most popular horse films around. As most are based on books, why not go have a read and share the stories with your families as well! Until next time, have a happy and safe riding weekend with your best friends!