Horse Rug Accessories

Horse Rug Accessories

Horse rug accessories are a given. Did you know we now sell a padded halter and lead rope set? While we primarily focus on horse rugs, these were too good to pass up!

Double Layer webbing halter with a padded finish & Twisted Cotton Lead with Heavy-duty Snap

A handy set for around the house, or a tidy show halter when embroidery is added. Yes, you can choose to have them embroidered! (Extra costs do apply for embroidery)

4 Sizes available:

  • Pony
  • Cob
  • Full
  • Extra-Large

These are the best value halter and lead combos you’ll find almost anywhere! Due to this, there is no colour picking for halters and leads.

The best part is, they are only $19! If you pay with Afterpay then that breaks it down to only $4.75 over 4 fortnights. Why not add one or two to your rug purchase and you will barely notice the increase. This is just another way we are offering quality, affordable and practical products. You just need to check out our reviews to see why we are the horse rug leaders. We also listen closely to our customer base for feedback. Thanks to the help of our customers, we are forever improving our product based on what horse people ACTUALLY want!

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