horse rugs all sizes

Horse Rug Sizes For Big & Small

Horse Rug Sizes For Big & Small

horse rugs all sizesHorse rug sizes for cows?! Check out this super-cute little fella!!! This little buffalo calf is snug and warm in his mini-sized Bang For Your Buck Horse Rug! As you can see, our quality horse rugs come small enough for the littlest foal (or calf!) to the biggest draft horse.

Our horse rug sizes are designed in Australia and made for our climate. Today, Bang For Your Buck Horsegear has become the fastest growing manufacturer of quality summer and winter horse rugs. With our horse rugs sizing, we’ve taken into account that it’s not just the length of the rug that matters. We also adapt the size of the neck rugs in the combos and the drop of the rugs to make sure neither of these is too short or too long for the rug size.

We understand that when buying online, it can be tricky to pick the right size for your horse. Not only does height vary, but their build, shoulder width, and chest depth can be varying. The best way to work out what size rug you need, is to measure your horse. Then compare it to the measurement of the rug you want to purchase.

The other consideration with this colder weather arriving is rug thickness. Horse rug fill is measured in a unit called a denier. The higher the number, the thicker and warmer the horse rug is.

Depending on your needs, 1200D is the most popular one for a winter rug.  In general, a 1200 Denier would have a fabric weight of 370gsm but it is very common in these days, some manufacturers use 300gsm to compete for the price.  The material looks the same and almost feels the same but its strength and durability will be down to 20% thinner.