winter horse rugs australia

Winter Horse Rugs Australia On Sale Now

Winter Horse Rugs Australia On Sale Now

Our winter horse rugs Australia 1200 Denier Doona Combos are on sale! These toasty warm babies are one of our most popular winter rugs! Our Doona Combos are made using the highest quality 1200 Denier Ripstop fabric available and with 300grams of polyfill, they are a super toasty, durable, Waterproof winter option! Usually priced at $149, they are now $105 while stocks last!

While some places in Australia you couldn’t imagine needing horse rugs, it can actually happen. This is especially true

Great rugs… my boy is a rug wrecker, this one is still in one piece… he is a 6″9 and I loved the fit, in most other rugs he always looks like he is wearing a mini skirt, definitely invest and pay the extra to get your horse’s name embroidered on it.

It’s not just these rugs that our clients rave about! Another one of our rave reviews says:

These are the only rugs my horses wear now, they have the Mesh combos, cotton mesh combos, cotton combos, & the ones advertised, great rugs good quality.

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