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Winter Horse Rugs

Winter Horse Rugs

Time to pull out and dust off the winter horse rugs! After a blistering hot summer, you can definitely start to feel a chill in the air in the morning. Even though our horses have their own insulation against the cold, now is definitely a good time to think about winter horse rugs. There can be many arguments for and against the use of rugs. In the end, it all comes down to your particular horse’s needs. Depending on where in Australia you are located, winters can be mild or bitterly cold with snow. Horse rugs can play a significant role in protecting the horse during the winter.

Types of Winter Horse Rugs

Horse rugs for the different seasons come in different types. There are five major types which include the following;

• Turn out rugs – made of hardy materials designed to keep in warmth and protect from the elements such as rain and snow.
• Stable rugs – a thing rugs, worn indoors to keep the horse’s coat short and protected.
• Mesh – Breathable and give horse’s protection from the sun and extra dirt from rolling. Generally not designed to protect from rain or other moisture.
• Coolers – not particularly designed for keeping a horse warm, but assists in breathability while cooling after exercise but not to give the horse a chill after sweating.
• Sheets – light rugs designed for short periods of time to protect from light rain.

Among these horse rugs, there are some that are used during the warm seasons. However, there are some good choices that you can use during the winter. A good example is a turn out rug.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Winter Horse Rug

To ensure that you obtain the best rug for your horse during the winter, you should consider the following;

• Living and grazing condition of your horse
• The weight of the horse
• Exercise levels of your horse
• If your horse is clipped or not
• The age of the horse

The above factors will assist you in making an informed decision of the best type of a winter horse rug to purchase for your horse.

Reasons to Use Winter Rugs on Horses

These are the reasons why you should use rugs for your horse during the winter season;

1. Protecting the Horse from Harsh Weather Conditions

The horse should have a rug during the winter to protect it from adverse weather conditions. During the winter, there is a lot of cold, rain and snow. These are likely to cause health issues to the horse, particularly if they are very young, very old or in poor condition.

2. Keeping the Horse Warm

A severe cold characterizes the winter. Just the way human beings protect themselves from the cold with heavy clothing so should be the case for your horse. A good winter rug should be chosen to keep the body of the horse warm throughout the cold winter season. This will allow them to spend less of their energy keeping warm and not increase your feed bill.

3. Protecting Horse’s Coat

The horse rugs are also crucial for your horse as they prevent the wearing off of the hair if you’re showing during the winter. The hair plays a significant role in keeping the horse warm during the cold season. However, if you’re showing your horse, you want their hair to be as smooth and shiny as possible. It can prevent the horse from contracting illnesses that result from cold during the winter season.

4. Prevents Chilling by Harsh Winds

Cold breezes are common occurrences during the winter. Even in Australia, this is common in open plains with no shelter or in the mountains. They are not always healthy for the horse as they may induce illness and rapid loss of condition.

In conclusion, there are a variety of reasons why you should get one or two winter horse rugs for your horse. You will be able to protect it from cold, rain, wind, ice and other adverse weather elements. If you leave the horse to suffer in the cold during the winter, it is likely to increase your feed bill to keep weight on them, or they can become ill if they are already at a disadvantage due to age or lack of condition.

Bang For Your Buck Horsegear is currently running a sale on our current range of winter horse rugs and also making way for new stock to come in. If you have any questions about your horse’s need, you can contact us via our page, or Facebook. We are only too happy to help you out!