The ANZAC Horses

The ANZAC Horses

Image courtesy of the State Library of QLD

ANZAC Day is on Thursday, where hundreds of thousands of people will turn out and commemorate all the men and women who served in the first World War.  We would also like to take a minute to recognise the brave horses who carried the soldiers on to the battleground. Often going without food or water for many hours, carrying soldiers with a lot of equipment, these horses also gave their lives to serve.

About the Waler

The main breed of horse used by Australians overseas were known as Walers. They were called this as most came from New South Wales but were in fact mixed breeds from all over Australia.  A few of the main influences on the breed include Thoroughbreds, Timor pony, Arab and Cape horses. Despite their similarities to the Australian Brumby, it is unlikely the Waler breed had much of their bloodlines in their lineage, particularly in the later stages. The vast majority are bay in colour, and around 15-16hh. These horses were used for their hardiness and temperament and are still bred today. For more information on these horses, we have included a link to the Australian War Memorial site here.

An article by the ABC from 2014 on the Waler horse here gives more insight into this breed of horse, which did not officially have a registered association until 1986. The people who breed them today say they have particular qualities to pass on and are a good choice for many disciplines due to their quiet, calm temperament and stamina for work.

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Merino Horse Rugs On Sale Now!

Merino Horse Rugs On Sale Now!

At Bang For Your Buck Horse Rugs, we pride ourselves on making the best quality horse rugs at the best possible price. One type of rug we have going on sale now, is our super high quality Merino Combo Horse Rugs. These are superior quality, with no cheap filler. We have linked a video below that you can also find on our Facebook page giving you all the information you need to know on this horse rug.


Nigel No Friends gives us a run down on the Merino Wool Combo! WAS $97ea NOW $66ea!

Posted by Bang For Your Buck Horsegear on Sunday, 7 April 2019


Unable to watch the video? No problem, here’s a few of the advantages of choosing our merino horse rugs over other cheap versions.

  • High quality, warm and Breathable MERINO Wool fabric. No cheap kersey filler here!
  •  Anti-stretch extended belly bands
  •  Anti-stretch fabric inserts over the wither and shoulder to maintain shape and reinforce buckle attachment points
  •  UV Resistant Marine Grade Stabilized threads used
  •  Heavy duty buckles and clips
  •  Bar-Tac Reinforced fittings, necks and gussets
  •  Dual chest straps
  •  Crossover surcingles
  •  Removable leg straps
  •  Shoulder gussets
  •  Satin Lining mane
  •  Generous size and Drop (No Mini Skirts!)

These are going to sell out quickly, so be quick and grab yours HERE! If you have any questions about our products or sizing, you can contact us on this site, or on our Facebook page linked above.

Weight Scoring Your Horse

Weight Scoring Your Horse

Maintaining a good weight on your horse can be a complicated matter. Some horses gain weight at the sniff of a blade of grass. Others need a wide variety of different feeds to keep them in good condition. Factors like paddock condition, exercise, breed and medical conditions can all affect your horse. Question is, do you know whether your horse is underweight, overweight or just right?

One of the ways you can tell is by checking your horse’s condition against a standardised body score chart, like the one posted above. This chart scores your horse’s body using the Henneke system, which has been around for a very long time. You can use this chart to get a rough idea on whether your horse might need that bit of extra care to gain or lose some weight. Of course, if you’re ever in doubt, consulting with a vet or equine nutritionist is always the safest option. If you want to work out your horse’s approximate weight, there are a few ways.

The first one is obviously using a scale, but not everyone has access to one. The second is using a weight tape, where you measure different areas of your horse’s body. The numbers on the tape gives you an estimated weight. The third way is using a regular tape measure around your horse’s girth, your horse’s height from ground to wither and their body length. You can input these measurements and it will calculate an approximate weight for your horse. In some ways, this can be more accurate than a weight tape, particularly if you are not 100% on how to use a weight tape properly. You can find an online calculator here.

Once you have an idea where your horse sits on the weight scale, you will be able to work out if you need to change what and how much they are eating.


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4 Simple Tricks Your Horse Can Learn

4 Simple Tricks Your Horse Can Learn

horse trick smiling

Having fun with horses isn’t always about jumping on their backs and riding. Groundwork and building trust and a bond with your horse are important too. For something different, why not teach your horse a few simple party tricks? All you need is positive reinforcement, rewards, and patience! Here are a few to get you started.


Get a treat your horse likes, and hold it over its upper lip. By moving the treat up and down, your horse will move its lip to try and get the treat. When your horse does this, make sure you reward them by giving them the treat. Repeat step one, and gradually ask the horse to lift its lip higher before giving them the reward. Once they have gotten that far, start adding a spoken command and a hand movement. Saying “smile” and lifting a finger is an example of how to do this. If you do this every time your horse lifts its lip, they will eventually associate that word with the action.


This is a very common trick that is usually taught to a horse for ground manners and respecting people’s space. It can be taken further and can be taught while you are actually riding the horse at the time. The key to “back up” is your horse walking backward when you say “back” or “back up”, and move your hand in a waving motion.

When starting, gently ‘push’ your horse backward. As you are doing this, say “back” and moving your hand or finger in a motion of your choice. Reward your horse every time it does so. Once that step is established, repeat and then start using less and less pressure on the horse, always rewarding them when they do so. When your horse has recognized this, stand slightly offside from the front of your horse and say “Back” while using your chosen gesture. Your horse should back away. Stay at step one/two as long as your horse needs to understand. At some point, if you choose, your horse will also back, while you are sitting on it.

Lift Foreleg:

Gently lift, or touch your horse’s leg and say “lift”. If they make any movement at all, then reward them. Keep repeating the first step, once you have done this several times and your horse has responded, lift your leg simultaneously. Reward and repeat. Once your horse has understood, it should lift it’s leg when you lift yours and say “lift”. You can also keep touching your horse’s leg. When your horse has figured out the trick, it should be able to perform the leg lift while you are standing on the ground and in the saddle.


Lay a towel or a tarp in front of your horse, and lead them to it. Most horses will try to stomp or paw at it to test if it’s safe to step on. Immediately reward them if they do so. To progress, walk to the tarp, say ‘count’ and touch their leg. When they start counting, immediately praise and give your horse a treat. Repeat a few times. In between, make sure you lead your horse away from the tarp. Following a few training sessions, you should be able to leave the object and just use a visual cue and voice to make them count.

In conclusion: It is all about positive encouragement, patience, and no punishment. If you make it fun and stress-free for your horse to learn these tricks, they are more likely to catch on to other tricks in the future!


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Endurance Riding – More Than A Trail Ride!

Endurance Riding – More Than A Trail Ride!

horse, horse ridingWe hear a lot of talk in the horse world about dressage, showjumping, and eventing. These are even Olympic sports that people and their horses compete in worldwide. If these aren’t the kind of competitive riding events you’re interested in, have you thought of endurance riding?

Here in the Brisbane Valley area, we have loads of beautiful trails that are perfect for leisure trail riding. You can even train and compete in endurance events!

One such event is the Yarraman Endurance Ride on the 30th – 31st March. Held by Endurance Horse Sports Australia, it has multiple options for competing over 20, 40 or even 80kms. Obviously, these types of events require prior conditioning to enter long distances. If this is something that you think you’d like to work up to, why not head over and find out more about what is required!

What Is Endurance Riding?

Endurance riding is long-distance races, that are broken up into checkpoints. It is far more than just attempting to go full-speed the entire way and involves planning what pace to set per section. There are often multiple distances to choose from, to cater for people new to the sport as well as experienced competitors.

In an endurance ride, the winner is the first one to cross the finish line while stopping at intervals for vet checks. These ensure the horse isn’t in distress or exhausted and able to continue on. Unlike horse racing though, any improvement on your horse’s performance is viewed as a success, not necessarily coming first overall. It is a true test of a horse and rider’s stamina, not unlike marathon racing. Endurance riding differs from trail riding – you are given maps of the set route you must take, and if you miss a “checkpoint”, you can be disqualified. If there are any significant terrain obstacles like creeks, ditches or steep inclines and declines, the rider will be notified of them as well.

Gear is also important. You generally want any tack to be light and well-padded for your horse’s comfort. There are saddles that have been specially designed to be lightweight, breathable and much more comfortable for the horse and rider over the distance. Some horses will be ridden in bitless bridles or even rope halters, and quite often the use of a breastplate will be required for steep inclines.


This is just a very brief overview of endurance riding. If it has piqued your interest, why not head over to the EHSA website to find out more? If you require embroidery for an event such as this, why not get in contact with us and find out how we can help. Have a safe and fun weekend!

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Favourite Horse Movies

Favourite Horse Movies

Whether you’re a child or an adult, we all have those favourite horse movies that make an impact and we remember for years to come. For today’s blog post we thought we’d select 10 horse films that have stood the test of time over the years! Which ones do you remember?

The Man From Snowy River,horse movie

The Man From Snowy River

Australian film based on the extremely well-known poem by Banjo Patterson. It is centered around a station-hand named Jim who tries to prove his worth to the owner by chasing a mob of Brumbies over the countryside.



daydreambeliever,horse movie

Daydream Believer

Another Australian film about a woman who can telepathically communicate with horses and find out what they’re thinking and feeling. She uses this talent to help a man struggling to keep his breeding farm going.

seabiscuit, horse movie, horse


Originally written as a book, and then turned into a film. Seabiscuit is set during the US Great Depression and centers around 3 men and their horse who are trying to make it big on the racing circuit. Starting as the underdog, the horse goes on to have great success on the field and in the media.

Phar Lap,horse movie,

Phar Lap

Another racing movie, Phar Lap tells the story of the famous “Red Terror” and his strapper Tommy Woodcock. They dominated the racetrack in the 1930s and suspiciously died in the USA in 1932. With many attempts to stop him racing back in the day, it remains a mystery to this day what happened.

National Velvet,horse movie,horse

National Velvet

Tells the story of a 12-year-old  girl named Velvet, who wins a horse in a raffle and wants to train him for a race called the Grand National. After issues with the jockey, Velvet pretends to be a boy and rides The Pie in the race, and wins. She is found out at the end of the race. This causes her to be flooded with offers to ride, and she turns them all down to live a normal life with her horse.

the horse whisperer, horse movie,

The Horse Whisperer

Based on a book, The Horse Whisperer tells the story of a horse trainer with a gift for understanding horses, who is asked to help a girl named Grace and her horse Pilgrim back to health physically and mentally, following a riding accident where their friends were killed.

black beauty, horse transport, horse movie

Black Beauty

There have been many adaptations and version of the story of Black Beauty, which is based on the novel. Most versions tell the story of the life of a horse named Back Beauty from his perspective, and the good and bad experiences he has during his life in the 1940s.

flicka, horse movie, horse transport,


Another novel-based story, with many differences. The original book is about a wild mare named Flicka who is tamed by a boy. The movie adaptation centres around a wild horse who is captured and bonds with a girl. This is because they’re both seen as “misfits” to friends and family.

The Silver Brumby,russell crowe, horse movie,

The Silver Brumby

The true story a mother tells her daughter about the prince of the Brumbies in the mountains where they live. He must find his rightful place amongst his kind to become the leader of the wild horses.  The main survival factor for the Silver Brumby is avoiding being captured by “The Man” who desperately wants to have him for himself.




Racing Stripes, horse movie

Racing Stripes

Tells the story of Stripes, a zebra who is accidentally abandoned by the circus and raised on a farm next to a racing track. He grows up believing he’s a racehorse and is eventually taken onto the track. Naturally, he wins with the daughter of the farm owner as his jockey.

We hope you have enjoyed our rundown of some of the most popular horse films around. As most are based on books, why not go have a read and share the stories with your families as well! Until next time, have a happy and safe riding weekend with your best friends!

Last Week For Horse Rugs Sale

Last Week For Horse Rugs Sale

We’re in the last week of the summer season and the horse rugs sale is going great guns. This is great for us, but it means you need to get in quick to secure your rugs before our current sale ends! Hop over to our summer horse rugs section and get them today! We’re making room for our winter to stock to be listed from the start of March, so once these deals are gone, they’re gone!

If you need a bit more convincing that our horse rugs will exceed your expectations, here is a list of their features and benefits.


  • Durable, affordable and excellent fit!
  • UV Resistant Marine Grade Stabilized threads used
  • Heavy duty buckles and clips
  • Bar-Tac Reinforced fittings, necks and gussets
  • Extended wither fleece protection
  • Tent Tail Flap
  • Dual chest straps
  • Crossover surcingles
  • Removable leg straps
  • Shoulder gussets
  • Satin Lining in shoulder and mane
  • Generous size and Drop (No Mini Skirts!)

We cater from the smallest Shetland to the largest Clydesdale and everything in between. If you wanted to personalise your rugs, why not take a look at our embroidery choices? You can add embroidery on any of our horse rugs. We guarantee you and your horse will love it. So head on over and get into our horse rugs sale today! Contact us if you have any questions or specific needs for your horse.


If you are looking for Airmesh horse rugs information,we got you covered! Read more about airmesh rugs.

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Horse Rugs Storage Ideas

Horse Rug Storage Ideas

With horse ownership, it is inevitable that you will end up collecting a lot of gear along the way. Halters, brushes, bandages, bridles, saddles, other accessories. The list goes on. Most things you buy, you probably don’t need but are good to have on hand. Some items are easy to store, but others can be bulky and difficult. Horse rugs definitely fall under the latter. Some horses have a small set, consisting of one winter and maybe one light summer rug. Other horses can have entire wardrobes of rugs to suit different conditions and scenarios.

One of the biggest issues it how to store all these rugs? They aren’t the cheapest horse item, so you don’t want them getting ruined by horses standing on them, shed vermin such as rats and mice, or your local friendly spider clan building their home inside them!

Today we are going to outline a few ideas to help store your rugs to keep them protected, dry and insect free!

4 Out-of-the-box Horse Rug Storage Options

  • Vacuum Storage Bags – these are a fantastic option, you can fold your horse rug/s inside it, seal it shut and then suck all the air out of the bag, leaving it flat. It can then be stored on a shelf or cupboard until you need them again. This is best for keeping out-of-season rugs in good condition over the months they aren’t needed. These can be purchased at stores like Kmart or Big W.
  • Old Chest Freezer – have a big old chest freezer that no longer works? Clean it and use as horse rug storage! It allows for easy access via the lid, and when shut, will keep out spiders, mice and other animals who might like to mark their territory on it. Gumtree or Ebay are great options to find one of these.
  • Plastic Storage Container – ideal for thin or small rugs. Snap-on lids keep the bugs out, they stack on top of each other and can even have wheels for easy transport. Once again, Kmart or Big W can help with these.
  • Feed drums with lids – once the contents have been used, feed drums are great for storing rugs for similar reasons as a storage container. Your local feed store might even have empty drums that they are only too happy to offload for free. It never hurts to ask.

We hope these 4 out of the box horse rug storage options have been helpful to you. As always, any questions about our horse rugs can be asked via our contact page or our Facebook page. Have a fantastic rest of the week!



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Airmesh Horse Rugs Sale!

Airmesh Horse Rugs Sale!

Are you a member of our Bang For Your Buck Horsegear Facebook page? If yes, you’ll know that for the last few weeks we’ve had a sale on our Airmesh horse rugs that is due to end soon. If no, you might be missing out!

These airmesh horse rugs are incredibly popular. They are tough but lightweight and provide protection from the sun and insects while letting your horse’s coat breathe and stay cool.

Some mesh rugs we like to call ‘Tissue paper with holes in it’. Not our mesh rugs. They will stand up to the test while keeping your horse cool and comfortable. You only need to read our reviews to see how great they really are.

You can check out the Airmesh horse rugs here, and below we’ve listed the main features that make them so popular.

  • 430GSM UV Treated and reflective Airmesh fabric
  • UV Resistant Marine Grade Stabilized threads used – stitching will not be weakened from sun and rain
  • Heavy duty buckles and clips – these will not fall off at the first catch on a tree or a fence.
  • Bar-Tac Reinforced fittings, neck and gussets
  • Extended wither fleece protection – less chance of the rug putting pressure on your horse’s wither and making them sore.
  • Tent Tail Flap – give the top of their tail and dock protected from rubbing and itching
  • Dual chest straps
  • Crossover surcingles
  • Removable leg straps
  • Shoulder gussets – allows for more freedom of movement
  • Satin Lining in shoulder and mane
  • Generous size and Drop – these rugs will cover your whole horse

Now that you have discovered why these are the best horse rugs, you can jump on over and secure yours before the sale ends, or your horse’s size runs out. If you ever have any questions about our horse rugs, or you just aren’t sure what size your horse requires, contact us! We are more than happy to help out where we can. Your horse’s comfort and your satisfaction with our products are paramount to us and the key focus of our business! Check it out now!

If you are looking for summer rugs why not check out our summer rugs blog post?

Payment Options For Our Horse Rugs

Payment Options For Our Horse Rugs

One of the most common questions we get here at Bang For Your Buck Horsegear, is what payment options are available. We all understand that horses are not the cheapest animal in the world to own! To help our wonderful customer base out, we try to offer a range of payment options for our horse rugs to suit everyone.


 Our Online Store:

Here on our online store, you are able to pay for your purchases in a few different ways.

Firstly, the good old credit card. You can use our secure gateway to make payment for your horse rugs using your credit or debit card.

Second – Paypal. You can log in to your Paypal account and use your debit or credit cards to pay for your purchase.

Third – Afterpay. This is becoming one of the most popular ways for people to purchase the items they need, and pay them off over a period of weeks. Similar to a layby, the difference is that the first payment isn’t taken for two weeks after the order has been placed, and you get your goods shipped immediately. Easy and convenient!

Fourth – Bank Transfer. Some people prefer not to use their credit cards online or use the other options above. That’s why we offer the ability to direct deposit payment of your purchase into our bank account. Don’t forget to let us know the reference name or number at the time of purchase, as we might not know who it belongs to!

Fifth – Over the phone. If, by chance, our payment gateways are down and you’re unable to pay for your order, you are more than welcome to give us a call and pay for your order over the phone.


For Locals:

If you’re close to our location, you can contact us directly with your order, and can pay either beforehand using one of the above options, or by making an arrangement on pickup. While pick up is available, it is vital to contact us beforehand so we can check we have what you require on hand. The best way is to phone us directly on (07) 5426 1837 or by emailing us at