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Winter Horse Rugs

Winter Horse Rugs Time to pull out and dust off the winter horse rugs! After a blistering hot summer, you can definitely start to feel a chill in the air in the morning. Even though our horses have their own insulation against the cold, now is definitely a good time to think about winter horse […]

The ANZAC Horses

The ANZAC Horses Image courtesy of the State Library of QLD ANZAC Day is on Thursday, where hundreds of thousands of people will turn out and commemorate all the men and women who served in the first World War.  We would also like to take a minute to recognise the brave horses who carried the […]

Merino Horse Rugs On Sale Now!

Merino Horse Rugs On Sale Now! At Bang For Your Buck Horse Rugs, we pride ourselves on making the best quality horse rugs at the best possible price. One type of rug we have going on sale now, is our super high quality Merino Combo Horse Rugs. These are superior quality, with no cheap filler. […]

Weight Scoring Your Horse

Weight Scoring Your Horse Maintaining a good weight on your horse can be a complicated matter. Some horses gain weight at the sniff of a blade of grass. Others need a wide variety of different feeds to keep them in good condition. Factors like paddock condition, exercise, breed and medical conditions can all affect your […]

4 Simple Tricks Your Horse Can Learn

4 Simple Tricks Your Horse Can Learn Having fun with horses isn’t always about jumping on their backs and riding. Groundwork and building trust and a bond with your horse are important too. For something different, why not teach your horse a few simple party tricks? All you need is positive reinforcement, rewards, and patience! […]

Endurance Riding – More Than A Trail Ride!

Endurance Riding – More Than A Trail Ride! We hear a lot of talk in the horse world about dressage, showjumping, and eventing. These are even Olympic sports that people and their horses compete in worldwide. If these aren’t the kind of competitive riding events you’re interested in, have you thought of endurance riding? Here […]

Favourite Horse Movies

Favourite Horse Movies Whether you’re a child or an adult, we all have those favourite horse movies that make an impact and we remember for years to come. For today’s blog post we thought we’d select 10 horse films that have stood the test of time over the years! Which ones do you remember? The […]

Last Week For Horse Rugs Sale

Last Week For Horse Rugs Sale We’re in the last week of the summer season and the horse rugs sale is going great guns. This is great for us, but it means you need to get in quick to secure your rugs before our current sale ends! Hop over to our summer horse rugs section […]

Horse Rugs Storage Ideas

Horse Rug Storage Ideas With horse ownership, it is inevitable that you will end up collecting a lot of gear along the way. Halters, brushes, bandages, bridles, saddles, other accessories. The list goes on. Most things you buy, you probably don’t need but are good to have on hand. Some items are easy to store, […]

Airmesh Horse Rugs Sale!

Airmesh Horse Rugs Sale! Are you a member of our Bang For Your Buck Horsegear Facebook page? If yes, you’ll know that for the last few weeks we’ve had a sale on our Airmesh horse rugs that is due to end soon. If no, you might be missing out! These airmesh horse rugs are incredibly […]