We’ve Moved!!!

We’ve moved!… AGAIN!!! 🥱🤪
Buckle up Bangers, this post might get long winded, but it’s a hell of a ride. 🤣


As most of you know, in December we had to move out of our home of 5 years, after the owners sold the building. Due to a rental crisis in Qld, there were no available warehouses within a half an hour radius of our old Kleinhans Court warehouse.
Soooo, we made ourselves a home🎪. Can’t get rid of us that easy! 👌
Renting an industrial Marquee from the team at Excel Events, gave us somewhere to go, a roof, and a place to get our bearings.
Essentially a very flash tent, but nonetheless, we persisted.
We were making some excellent lemonade outta all those lemons, 🍋🍋 or so we thought…
Enter Queensland’s wettest weekend in history! ⛈️☔🤦🤣
We received a year’s worth of rain in a single weekend, Lowood was an island, totally cut off. Our local post office closed for a week.
Blessed to fair as well as we did, when so many others lost businesses, homes and worse. The wet continued on for the following weeks with afternoon storms and more rain.
All the while our search for a new warehouse grew wider and wider. 🌍🗺️
We turned to our local council for help with building our own warehouse, in an effort to keep our business located in the Lowood area. With no help, and very poor attitudes from our local council, we were informed our own shed build will take two years just to get through their town planning department. 😳🤯 A customer of ours has since told us he’s been waiting 13 months just to get a small work shed across the line with them.
So we’ve had to move on to PLAN C!
Looking for a temporary home took us far further afield then we had ever planned.
But with a lot of help from Mitch Willis at Collier’s Toowoomba, we managed to find a shed the right size, with semi trailer access, easy access for cars and horse floats and plenty of carparks. 🙌
So then, we just had to move AGAIN! 💪
By the way, how good is moving! 🤦🤦🤣
It was Nige and myself, the two man wolf pack, onto it again!🤪
With some emotional support from Olivia and Jude behind the scenes, we got down to business.
So after 11 truck loads, multiple ute loads, 3.5hour round trips in dad’s truck, plus an hour to load each round.
Bogged forklifts, broken forklifts, power issues at the new location, 4 days starting at 4:30am ending at 7pm. 🥱
I’m so pleased to announce, BFYB is in its new address🎉
Over the next week or so, some form of normality will return to our business as we celebrate and appreciate how good having a concrete floor and actual walls is again!🤣🤣🙌
To all our much loved Lowood local customers,❤️
We’re organising a plan to make Lowood pickups still an option for your all. Please bare with us, as we’re working out a way you can still shop with us without paying postage.
At this stage, we have every intention of coming back to Lowood when we can move forward with a shed of our own. So we want to support those who have supported us all these years as best we can while BFYB is living up in Toowoomba temporarily.
I also want to thank all of our customers that have supported us, and shown us so much kindness and patience during these last few months. We’ve had an interesting time of it, but we’re back again and we thank you! 🙌
For now though, it’s back to business as usual. 🎉
Please be sure to stop by our new warehouse: U6 207-217 McDougall street Wilsonton, Qld 4350.
In the shed behind Tradelink Toowoomba.
You can drive through so there is easy access for floats and trucks 🐎🐎
Check it out on Google maps 🌍
best winter horse rugs

Best Winter Horse Rugs

Best Winter Horse Rugs?

Winter is coming, for some! We know it’s hot here in sunny QLD, lots of humidity and stormy weather. One thing we didn’t realise was that it has been snowing in Tasmania! Once we realised that our buddies in the south needed some nice, toasty rugs for their horses, we decided to put on a sale of our best winter horse rugs. Presenting…

1200 Denier Doona Combo

Our Doona Combos are made using the highest quality 1200 Denier Ripstop fabric available and with 300grams of polyfill, they are a super toasty, durable, waterproof winter option! Perfect for those early morning frosts.

Fully tailored through the neck and shoulder and engineered to fit!

High-quality reflectors included for safety during stormy weather.

  •  1200 Denier Ripstop Fully Waterproof Fabric
  •  UV Resistant Marine Grade Stabilized threads used
  •  Heavy-duty buckles and clips
  •  Bar-Tac Reinforced fittings, necks and gussets
  •  Satin lined
  •  300gram of toasty warm fill
  •  Tent Tail Flap
  •  Dual chest straps
  •  Crossover surcingles
  •  Removable leg straps
  •  Shoulder gussets
  •  Satin Lining in shoulder and mane
  •  Generous size and Drop (No Mini Skirts!)

If  You are under rugging and layering or plan to, you may want to consider going up a size in your Doona Combo.

These rugs are currently on sale, especially for those down south! Jump on over and secure your horse’s size before they sell out!


quality horse rugs testimonials

Quality Horse Rugs – Recent Testimonials

horse riding trails

5 Riding Trails in SE QLD To Check Out

5 Riding Trails in SE QLD To Check Out

We all have our own special local riding trails that we frequent when out trail riding. While handy, occasionally you might want to try somewhere different for your horse and yourself. Today’s blog post is 5 places around South East QLD that have trails for horse riding. While there may be a distance for some of you, don’t worry! We will gradually make sure we cover as much area as possible.

Today’s focus is on the horse riding trails within National Parks in the Brisbane, western suburbs and northern Gold Coast areas. Thanks and credit goes to the Department of Environment & Science (Parks & Forests) for the maps linked in this blog post.

National Parks

  1. Samford Conservation Park – The first place on our list of horse riding trails is Samford Conservation Park. The Ironbark Gully area is perfect for a trail ride, as it has float parking available. Located about 20 mins away from Brisbane city in the north-west, there are many things to do. The horse riding trail is a shared one, with pedestrians and bicycle riders. Please make sure you look up the regulations and obey them, and stay safe by wearing a helmet and using common sense.
  2. D’Aguilar National Park – Made up of 2 sections (South D’Aguilar and Mount Mee), this area is located also around 20 minutes drive from Brisbane city, not too far away from the Samford Park. Once again, you will be sharing the trail with pedestrians and cyclists, so be aware and stay safe.
  3. Daisy Hill Conservation Park – is half an hour south of Brisbane city, and easily accessible using the M1 highway from the city. One of the extra bonuses of the Daisy Hill trail is its koala conservation area. They have their own special classification sheet for both horse and bike trails so you can make an informed choice about you and your horse’s capabilities.
  4. Nerang National Park – Located in the eastern Gold Coast Hinterland, Nerang is only a 10-minute drive off the Pacific Motorway. Like the other trails, the Nerang trails are shared in some places with bicycles and pedestrians.
  5. Glen Rock State Forest – is located about half an hour drive south of Gatton in the beautiful, wide open Lockyer Valley. For some, this will be a longer trip so it will pay off to be prepared. There is a shared trails map for you to view in order to plan your trip.

We hope this has given you some ideas for viewing our natural surroundings on horseback. Planning a trip and need horse rugs for your time away? Get in contact with us for the best options. Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

cotton rug, cotton horse rugs

What Size Horse Rug To Buy?

What Size Horse Rugs To Buy?

 Horse rugs come in a wide variety of sizes to keep even the largest of horses warm and protected. Here at Bang For Your Buck Horsegear, our horse rugs range in sizes to fit a Shetland to a Clydesdale! They are available with or without hoods and attached neck rugs. The variety of fabrics include light mesh for those warmer days where fly protection is required, to heavy canvas or doona rugs for those bitterly cold winters. Need a horse rug? Bang For Your Buck Horsegear has you (well, your horse!) covered!

When buying online, it can be tricky to pick the right size for your horse. Not only does height vary, but their build, shoulder width, and chest depth can be varying. The best way to work out what size rug you need, is to measure your horse and compare it to the measurement of the rug you want to purchase.

Below we have listed the steps to take to gauge what size horse rug you need.

How To Measure Your Horse:

  1. Place the edge of your tape measure in the centre of your horse’s chest while they’re standing square and still
  2. Run the tape measure along the horse’s side from the widest point of the shoulder, along the horse’s side to the widest part of their rump.
  3. Where the tail hair starts is the endpoint for your measurement
  4. If using a tape measure, look at the number in inches or centimeters. If using string, measure the length of the string to get your required length.
  5. Check your rugs sizing guide to see what size is recommended

While this is a great way to get an idea of the size, nothing is foolproof and there still may be discrepancies. If your horse’s measurement comes out in-between sizes, it is usually better to go a size up.

We have included a quick Youtube video for those who prefer to watch exactly what the process is, and we thank the contributor for making this video.


We are always getting new rugs in so if you ever have any questions about our rugs, you can always contact us by our contact form or via Facebook message. Have a great week, everybody!


horse, horse riding

Ever Ridden The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail?

Have You Ever Ridden The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail?

Have you ever ridden the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail? It’s a very good question to ask! Especially to locals and those that live anywhere around Wulkuraka in Ipswich, or up to Yarraman in Queensland. The trail offers any rider an amazing variety of scenery, experiences and unique locations. And they really do have to be seen to be believed.

One of the best ways to experience them without a doubt, is on horseback? Made up of 161kms of beautiful trails, they are easily accessible to all, and steeped in rich local history! Along the way, your senses will be delighted to everything the area has to offer. Even if you don’t own a horse, you’re still able to cycle or even walk along the trail. Scattered along it are multiple options to stop for a cuppa and meals or even get some refreshments for the journey ahead. For those that really make an adventure of it there’s even overnight camping options. Why not check it out as something to do one weekend with your best horsey pals? If you want to discover more, you can find out more by going to their official website – brisbanevalleyrailtrail.com.au

Do remember though, that it can get cold at certain times of the year when visiting the trails so be sure to pack the horse rug just in case!

Speaking of horse rugs, with the change of season. Now is the time to make sure that you correctly store your current horse rugs so as that they’re all good for the next season. Or, if you’ve gotten your horse rugs out and noticed they’re a bit ‘worse for wear’ now is a great time to get new ones. We have some great sale specials on selected rugs so why not take a look and SHOP NOW!.