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Horse Rug Tail Bags

Horse Rug Tail Bags What are Horse Rug Tail Bags? They are one of those essential items for horse owners who are planning to transport or put their horse is a presentation class or show. Horse rug tail bags keep your horse’s tail neatly tied up and protected. Using these means preventing the hair from […]

Horse Gift Ideas For Christmas

Horse Gift Ideas For Christmas When it comes to horse gift ideas, horse people are easy to buy presents for. Where to begin? There are so many options! Male or female? A horse owner or a horse lover? English or Western riding? Pay attention to that. It’s important. Some small home decor horse gift ideas […]

Win Prizes With BFYB Horsegear!

Win Prizes With BFYB Horsegear! Want an opportunity to win prizes with BFYB? At Bang For Your Buck Horsegear, we love to give back to the people who support us with our horse rugs. We have 10 double passes to give away to Burton’s Circus this Thursday night! 6 pm at the LAIDLEY SHOWGROUNDS! Burton’s […]

PVC Mesh Summer Horse Rug New In Store!

PVC Mesh Summer Horse Rug New In-Store! You asked for it, and we listened! Bang For Your Buck Horsegear is pleased to announce a new arrival to our collection. Our NEW PVC Mesh summer horse rug is a more durable summer option for those with rough paddocks, shared paddocks or simply horses that are hard […]

Have A Horse Rug Wrecker – Try Our Bush Basher!

Have A Horse Rug Wrecker – Try Our Bush Basher! Have you got a Horse Rug Wrecker?? These are the horses who have a rug on and overnight, the rug ends up with holes, rips or on the ground. This is a source of frustration for horse owners and can cost a lot of money […]

Summer Mesh Horse Rugs On Sale!

Summer Mesh Horse Rugs On Sale! The hot weather hasn’t wasted any time arriving on our doorsteps! With temps set to soar in the coming weeks, why not take advantage of our summer mesh horse rugs sale currently on? If you’re not sure about rugging a horse on a very hot day, believe it or […]

Summer Horse Rug Care

Summer Horse Rug Care Summer horse rug care is important. Being out all day in the sun can contribute to wear and tear. Your horse will always find some way to get dirt and mud on their horse rug. This is especially true when there is a bit of rain around. You can guarantee if […]

Summer Horse Rugs For Warmer Weather

Summer Horse Rugs For Warmer Weather With Spring coming nearer the weather is going to start getting warmer. So, time to get in early and get your precious horse a change of quality horse rugs, to something a little cooler. With a wide range and variety of horse rugs in our store to choose from, […]

Cleaning your horse rugs.

You don’t wear dirty clothes, and neither should your precious horse. Cleaning your horse rugs is vital if you want to prolong the life of your rug and get a good moneys worth of time out of it. In saying that, cleaning your horse rugs is not as easy as cleaning your t-shirt. And specific […]

Finding and removing ticks on your horse.

Horse ticks and parasites that you should watch out for include ticks, lice, worms and bots. The main ticks are the Australian cattle ticks, New Zealand cattle ticks and paralysis ticks. Cattle ticks are most commonly found in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, Northern Territory and the warmer parts of New Zealand. Paralysis ticks […]